Welcome to Cartella

Providing you with a unique total service solution

Cartella is an established and leading service provider of:

  • Electrical and Communications
  • Industrial, Petroleum and Hazardous
  • Plumbing and Gas
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Roofing
  • Construction and Civil Works

We're experienced in providing services to clients across commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. This wealth of experience and expertise enables us to offer a range of proven and dynamic solutions to meet your specific needs.

Our proven processes and systems continue to be maintained with a focus on Safety, Quality and Continuous Improvement in line with industry standards, regulations and legislation. Our fully licensed Master Electricians and Plumbers deliver a unique total service solution across industries.

All work performed by Cartella is backed by the Electrical and Communication Association – ECA and our satisfaction guarantee. Cartella is a Master Accredited electrical group.